Udacity Introduction to Computer Science Notes & Review

Udacity Introduction to Computer Science is a great introductory course. To me, it was an introduction to Python and it’s a mix of programming and quizzes. If you want to start somewhere, particularly in Python, I suggest you give it a go. It’s a great starting point for those who want to begin with Python.

Udacity Introduction to Computer Science – Done!

For the last assignment, it was nice to tie everything up with a big project. Took me a fair amount figuring out how to set up the database, after that it was smooth sailing. My solution is here on my GITHUB (Jupyter Notebook). You will probably see my sprawl of comments throughout. I think how I made the database was messy so would love to see other solutions. As a tip for the last part (this) was great help.

Udacity Introduction to Computer Science Notes:

  • Recursion teaching is really cool – and it was nice to see the solutions with recursion, but also the problem with using recursion in terms of efficiency (such as the Fibonacci example).
  • The quizzes are good – but I recommend trying to find out how they got certain solutions. They do explain it but sometimes you need to look up solutions.
  • Even if you get the programming exercises right – definitely look at their solutions. I remember going through one exercise and then when I watched the solution, I realised I was doing it inefficiently.
  • If you don’t know Python – great place to start.
  • Self paced.
  • You don’t have to install everything (it’s all in browser).
  • You are welcome to check my GitHub for some of my solutions I decided to do offsite.

I think if you know a fair amount of programming, it’s a good primer and you will probably zoom through it. I think there may be better courses though. Afterall, it’s an introduction 😉