The Alchemist is an inspiring read. 5 Powerful lessons.

I’ve recently been going through a non-fiction binge and thought I read a story a friend recommended. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

The tale follows a boy who is complacent with his life. He’s happy, and in fact even proud of his achievements. But he yearns to travel, and decides goes in search for a treasure in his dreams.


Lesson 1: When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.

This theme of the book really resonated with me. It reminded me of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. The more you desire something, the more things just seem to go your way. Everything isn’t going to be perfect, but small things start favoring you. These small favors add up, and keep propelling you to towards your desire. If you are an entrepreneur with a desire, pursue it like crazy. You might meet some amazing people who can help you along the way. You might even meet your fated love one. It’s the ability to keep pursuing and have faith that you will achieve what you want.

Lesson 2: It’s about the journey getting there.

It all started with a dream about gold. Eventually, it became an epic story. Seeing new worlds, the struggles, finding and meeting new people. THAT is the story you want to tell. It made me think deeply about where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. It’s even inspired me to write a book! We want to hear about those stories. So why not go out there and create your own story. No one wants to see the gold in your hands, but they definitely want to know how you got there.


Lesson 3: Add value to everyone along the way.

The boy in The Alchemist meets a glass shop owner along the way. The glass shop owner was complacent where he was, but once the boy started working there, things improved. He looked on ways to improve the store. He made a nice cabinet to attract move customers. He told the owner to start selling tea with the glasses. Business boomed, and it became prosperous. The boy would eventually leave with many positive blessings, and a lot of money for his journey (and that feel good moment 😉 ).  It reminded me a bit of Never Eat Alone, always add value where you can.

Lesson 4: It’s really easy to fall back to complacency.

It was easy for the shepherd boy to fall back to his flock of sheep. When things were tough, he considered going back to being a shepherd. He considered A LOT. He decided to stop looking for his treasure occasionally, especially when  times were tough. It’s because complacency can be so appealing. I’ve often felt that it would be so much easier to just stick to a normal job. It would be easier, but then we won’t know what else is out there. Like the glass shop owner, once the boy arrived, he started to realize more about what he was capable of. He didn’t know anything beyond his shop. That’s why it’s easy to be complacent, because you won’t know any better.

Lesson 5: Personal Legacy! Becoming The Alchemist.

Create a freaking legacy. To keep it short, go out there and be remembered. If you don’t do it now, when will you? Create something. The people, the mistakes, the achievements – these are the things that will create your legacy. 

Give The Alchemist  a go. Won’t take you long and it will really inspire you.