Notes for VR Game developers: Crazy Fishing

Crazy Fishing out of Early Access: Notes for VR Game Developers.

We released Crazy Fishing out of Early Access a few days ago, and it was great to reflect on the drastic things we changed to adapt to VR. I’m hoping these notes will help any other VR Game developers thinking of entering the VR Gaming space.

Hands, Hands, Hands.

Hands we ended up using for VR

This is, not surprisingly, a huge issue. You need to make sure the hands are in the right position, and should be reactive to how the ‘player’ expects for it to work. For example, if I grab something in the world, both the animations and the timing should be precise. We had numerous discussions about this, and even the Superhot VR guys (who also got out on VR) got numerous hot fixes for the hands. The player sees this EVERYWHERE, so make sure the hands are working as any player expects it to be.

Mechanics – Don’t break immersion.

No more UI.

We went through a whirlwind of changing mechanics. When we first made the game, players weren’t drawn into a basic  fishing game. You could catch fish fast, cast, reel and repeat. The problem was we started making it too easy, and we jumped up the difficulty by introducing a meter mechanic. But this was our biggest issue –  we traded off immersion. Placing a giant meter on the rod is very immersive breaking – and this was something you have to take into consideration for VR. Instead of looking at the rod, or the fish in the water, the player would stare at the meter.

What we ended up doing? Getting rid of the meter and making it haptic orientated. When the rod shakes, you know its going to break soon. This is also assisted with the rod bending and the more it bent, the more vibrations the controller produced. So VR game developers – if you aren’t sure, don’t put UI in unless it is part of the ‘world’ you created!


VR Game developers…. if you ever make a tutorial, make it amazing.

Tutorials are tricky. Some VR Players are veterans, and a majority of them won’t need a tutorial – they will find out on their own. A majority of the teaching will be to new players and a tutorial is always advisable. You will be surprised, the action of fishing is actually very difficult to communicate. We settled with a button for those who are unsure to run the tutorial and it would lock them into certain actions. I think a more beneficial tutorial for future games would be one which uses things that people expect. For example,  when you spawn a rock – the player will learn to pick it up and throw it. In VR, you have no references, and that’s the difficulty of it. Let the player learn but not feel like they are locked into it – and the less UI / words you can use – the better.

A World of their Own

A save state which can store everything in it (and is the same when you come back!)

I think the most important thing we implemented and learnt was the house. In this house we put leader boards, achievements, picture frames and a way to ‘visualise’ your progress. The Aquarium was something our players liked the most. You could see the fish inside your fish tank for every one you caught, and a large board which shows you how many of each one. The score board was another touch which added to replay-ability.

I plan to do a few more things and hope to create some lessons for VR Game developers. Topics, I’ve been asked to discuss are marketing and a post mortem, which I plan to do.  There are also a few more other lessons, but I think that’s best discussed in a later topic once the game has been out of release for a month with the post mortem.


Releasing VR Game Crazy Fishing

Unexpectedly, I was able to team up with an awesome developing studio, Offpeak Games, who made Valiant and Arcane for VR on Steam. We all got together and started brainstorming about a possible VR game. We came up with project: Crazy Fishing.

Crazy Fishing

This project started slowly. Both studios had other stuff to manage and it was more of something we worked on in our free times and just chipped at ideas slowly. A few months later, we are finally going into it and the game is getting some amazing reception.

We were able to get onto Reddit Front Page thanks to a poster linking us into the gaminig subreddit, and some other videos we have made had really good responses (here and here).

What we have learnt so far?

Our Crazy Fishing Game has taught me one thing for sure – it’s nice to work on a game that doesn’t involve wave based shooting. I think I’ve just seen too many lately, and it’s a great change of pace.

  1. Reddit is a great community – we want to be more involved and have started to really look at all the different avenues we can without spamming too much.
  2. Keep on top of emails – making sure we write down all the stuff testers want and keeping track of their ideas in the game. Some of them have been absolutely fantastic and I think we got to put them in the game somewhere!
  3. Using the lessons I learnt from Pen Island VR to mange things better. I think the game was too crude and Crazy Fishing shows a good balance of humor while implementing a good fun mechanic.
  4. Google forms are amazing.
  5. Really spell things out to people if in doubt – not everyone will understand what an Alpha testing game is, let alone how the game is played. Let them know – they will appreciate that better.
  6. Mail Chimp is good (but I might have to consider something to mange the testers).
  7. Steam have been great, and Chet has been super helpful with starting our Steam stuff going!
  8. Don’t look like a marketing company – people hate it. Although we are simply posting about our stuff, we are slowly slipping from being ‘indie’. 
Crazy Fishing

When your tablet breaks in Crazy Fishing.

Current State of the Crazy FishingGame:

We are currently working with our Alpha testers (you can sign up here as we slowly send the keys out), to figure out the core part of the game mechanic. The aim is to replicate fishing, but also make fishing FUN. Also…we don’t have enough Crazy in the game. Seriously, not enough at all. We need it to be an insane fishing game.

What is next for Crazy Fishing?

  1. More freaking crazy.
  2. Less bugs, more actual bugs in the game ideally.
  3. More art works, and a good explanation to the community!

Hope to update you guys more soon!


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