• First iOS/Android game, a simpler puzzler using MITx Computer science course puzzle problem.

Scramble 7

Scramble 7 is a super challenging number puzzle. If you’re looking for a real brain teaser, then this is the one. The rules are simple – there is a 4-by-4 grid which you must align so that the numbers are in order (from 1 to 16). But you only have a limited number of moves to do it. That means that to solve a puzzle, every single move you make must be the right one! Do you think you can reach the final 7 move puzzle? First Android/IOS mobile game. Based off a simple puzzler on MIT edX course which was fantastic! Learnt some maths, a bit of algorithm love and of course C#.


  • CEO / Game Studio Management
  • C# Programming
  • Unity3D
  • Business Management