Coursera Learn To Program: Crafting Quality Code Review

The University of Toronto has a follow up course to their Learn to Program: The Fundamentals course, Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code on Coursera (link here). This program is shorter, and is a good overall followup to the beginner course. It’s a good overall finish to the two courses available.

Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code

  • Coursera link here.
  • Level: Probably know a bit of Python
  • Time Frame: 5 weeks
  • Personal Time taken: 4 days.
  • Assessments: 1 final assignment, a peer assessed assignment (which is a mix of code / understanding how to test your work)
  • Quizzes every week.
  • My GITHUB link for the course.

Different Code/Testing

What this course teaches a bit differently to other courses is ‘testing’ your code. When you write code, you need to know the possible cases where your code will fail. I enjoyed writing and thinking how code could fail – and HOW you will break the code.

Coursera Learn To Program: Crafting Quality Code Peer Marking

Otherwise, the program is straight forward. Running you through Python classes, and eventually making a Class orientated game which I enjoyed.

‘Rat Race’ game for our final assignment.


For me, this course would be good as a supplement. Definitely take the course after you have finished the first course. If you know Class structures, have made a game in Python, it’s a good reminder about what things could ‘break’ your application. Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code is a very nice way to finish the course. If you know a fair amount of Python, it’s probably too easy for you so I’d recommend it to beginners.