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Moving From Games to AI

I’ve felt I’ve learnt a lot of programming from Crazy Fishing (VR), Pen Island (VR) and Scramble 7 (iOS & Android) and I want to progreinto Artificial Intelligence (particularly Computer Vision and Machine Learning). I’ve learnt a lot of programming and Managing teams & VR Gaming studios – and those lessons I can’t forget.  VR Gaming […]

Releasing VR Game Crazy Fishing

Unexpectedly, I was able to team up with an awesome developing studio, Offpeak Games, who made Valiant and Arcane for VR on Steam. We all got together and started brainstorming about a possible VR game. We came up with project: Crazy Fishing. Crazy Fishing This project started slowly. Both studios had other stuff to manage and it […]

Releasing Pen Island VR – Things we learned.

Pen Island VR was a game we started as a joke. We were simply friends discussing the concept of having oddly shaped projectiles being thrown at the players face, and then having to defend themselves. We set up a little environment and the concept grew over time. Overall it was a lot of fun, and seeing our […]

My Italki Experience and Tips

I’ve always enjoyed learning a new language. I’ve tried classrooms, but I have found that for tonal languages such as Mandarin and Cantonese, it’s difficult to improve unless someone is listening to you speak. I’ve also enjoyed one one one tuition and this is where Italki shines. TL;DR Pros: In Australia, tutoring one-on-one is relatively expensive and […]