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Sentdex Machine Learning with Python Review

Straight up, I really enjoyed Sentdex Machine Learning with Python course (by Harrison @Sentdex). You can find the course on Youtube, and on his website. I found it at a great introduction, especially the overall understanding and intuition. Sentdex Machine Learning with Python The course starts with an introduction to regression, best fit slopes and […]

Jose Portilla Python for Data Science Review

I’ve started my transition in data science, and machine learning/artificial intelligence. There are many available resources available but I felt Jose Portilla’s Udemy Python for Data Science was a great overall starter. Course link here. Python for Data Science There is roughly 25 sections. Although the first 4 are more about set up (assuming no […]

Coursera Learn To Program: Crafting Quality Code Review

The University of Toronto has a follow up course to their Learn to Program: The Fundamentals¬†course, Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code on Coursera (link here). This program is shorter, and is a good overall followup to the beginner course. It’s a good overall finish to the two courses available. Learn to Program: Crafting Quality […]

Coursera Learn To Program: The Fundamentals

The University of Toronto offers a regular course on Coursera, Learn to Program: The Fundamentals. It’s an introductory course for Python and I think it’s a great course for beginners. I think what I enjoy most is it teaches a few things some other courses skip, such as the doc string (explanation) of your code. […]