What I do

CEO | Mana Wings

– Self taught programmer, built the company from ground up.
– Created a game (crazy fishing VR) with international success and viral hits (ongoing) & publishing multiple mobile games (iOS).
– Work and develop a game that realized an increase in profit and earned co-workers the opportunity to work overseas.
– Managed 3 overseas freelancers. 5 inhouse programmers & artists.
– Produce marketing materials required, manage freelancers and create marketing schedule for product release.

Business Owner | DMD | Cosmetic Dental Surgeon

– Successfully and effectively managed a business that realized an increase in gross income from $350,000 to $1,000,000.
– Managed 12 staff members at Roselawn Dental Surgery (Now Oxford Street Dental)
– Managed and taught self on the necessary marketing techniques and tools to boost income in dental surgery.
– Increased company visibility and overall sales revenue by developing and improving a long-term social media strategy.
– Developed business strategies that maximized profit and minimized overhead cost while maintaining quality.

Motivational Videos & Inspirational Speaker

– Self taught – video editing, script writing, produced over 100+ videos
– Heavy believer that you can do anything once you set yourself to it.
– Inspiring the younger generation to keep motivated. Website can also be seen here.
– Thank you to David Orr for recently helping with sound edits and video work.
– Podcast also started (Truth That Hurts – undergoing a big change soon!)

Why I do it

I really believe that life is too short.

This isn’t a You Only Live Once thing – it’s a belief that you need to achieve as much as you can in your life, while you can. We are all given some advantages, some with even greater ones than others. My parents raised me in Australia, and for that alone I am grateful and lucky. If I was raised in Vietnam, I would not know where I would be. But one thing is for certain, they came to Australia with significant disadvantages and made the most of their life.

So I have to as well.

Given any advantage, I have to make the most of it. So I want to grow. I want to make an impact.

I want to see the people around me grow.

I hope in some way I can help you.

Favourite Quote?

“What would I do if I wasn’t afriad?”