Mana Wings: Our First game, Scramble 7.

A friend and I decided to start a game studio called ManaWings. Although we have a fair few projects now underway, we decided to release a game with a set deadline – it had to be simple, we had to make sure there was minimal to zero feature creep and it had to be of very good/high quality. As a person who owned another tech studio before hand (which we ended up selling as we all headed to newer ventures), I am confident that my co-founder has a solid vision for the future of ManaWings. Hopefully we can make an awesome game studio, with our love of RPGs mixed into it 😉

The game we will release next week is called  Scramble 7 (22nd of October).

Scramble 7‘s idea was actually based off an MIT lecture which discussed an algorithm for solving the “Number-puzzle”. If you remember in the old days – you would have a little grid of numbers and a missing square. You could move things around since there was an empty space and eventually sequence the numbers correctly to solve the puzzle (“15-Puzzle”). We realized that on a mobile platform you could add that extra number and move the entire column and row at once.

What we ended up with was a little tricky puzzle. The more moves that the game shuffled the puzzle with, the harder it got. Almost exponentially. We are still finding it extremely difficult to solve the 7 Move puzzle. So what were our goals with Scramble 7?


  • We wanted a quality & fun game.
  • A game that taught us not to feature creep – trust me this was a hard one. Many times we thought of revising the system and a lot of feedback came through with some changes. In the end, we decided that new features wouldn’t be game changing enough and if we did all of them, we would never be able to complete any of our other games let alone this one!
  • Something to put us on the map =)

We think we achieved it and look forward to showing our bigger games and projects coming soon!

If you need any media related stuff about it – find it here.