Dr. Pasteur Tran

I am a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon, specialising in Botox, Fillers, Aligners & Cosmetic Veneers. I also run a Game development company, and have a passion learning in Artificial Intelligence, Reading and Travels.

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What my clients say about me and my work

Dr Tran was recommended by 2 separate friends. He and his staff are amazing. Being slightly afraid of the dentist he was recommended as he is wonderfully personable and excellent in his field with an eye to detail which I love. Now my whole family sees him. I recommend him to all My friends and clients.

White Coat Review
White Coat ReviewPatient White Coat Reviews

Well, what can I say. Its worth every penny! Great gameplay and truly entertaining, loads of content, loads of gameplay hours and much more to come in future updates for that price is a no-brainer. Just get it and you will never regret!

All in all, I can recommend Crazy Fishing to every VR gamer, in all ages. You and your kids will love this, and probably your grand father as well 🙂 Its easy to get started, and just so funny that you can´t stop playing! A perfect introduction into VR as well, if you are a new VR-gamer or just want to show off. Just get it and enjoy the most good looking, most entertaining and crazy fishing out there!


Dr Tran is a very warm and likeable dentist.. He understands my anxiety of the dentists chair and makes me feel as comfortable as I can be without angst. Would definitely recommend given the chance to..

White Coat Review
White Coat ReviewPatient White Coat Reviews

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