Pasteur Tran

Cosmetic Dental Surgeon / Author / Crypto Investor / Manawings C.E.O / Content Producer (@passytee)


You waste time. You complain. You make excuses. And you procrastinate.

Are you tired of yourself yet?

Your loved ones are too nice to say it to your face, but there’s a reason you aren’t getting what you want despite being capable of achieving it.

You steal from your heroes and you plan all you want, and yet you are still standing in the same place. Why We Don’t Achieve Sh*t will outline exactly why you are more than capable and yet fail to see your goals through to the end. Toxic friendships, negotiable goals, procrastination, and lack of deadlines—Why We Don’t Achieve Sh*t addresses why you aren’t getting what you deserve and how to opt out of this loop.

That is, unless you’re seriously not sick and tired of this sh*t yet. Everyone else is.

Recent Work


2012 – Now

Cosmetic Dental Surgeon

  • Also Contracting at Cedric Street Dental Centre & Enso Dental.
  • Botox, Fillers, Veneers specialist.
  • Purchased a small dental surgery practice where I worked as a dentist. Then managed the business’s growth from AUD$350K in revenue to over AUD$1 million by implementing patient retention protocols to increase revenue and negotiating contracts with dental laboratories to reduce laboratory overheads by 10%, etc.
  • Added new cosmetic dentistry service line; trained staff in new service to increase revenue by AUD$200K per year. After teaching myself marketing (SEO), I improved the practice website, increasing the new-patient acquisition rate from 30 to 80 per month.
  • Conceived and negotiated a merger with Oxford Street Dental in 2019, after engaging with investment bankers to fund acquisition. Improved return on investment through innovations such as employing an oral health therapist to minimize costs and retaining and managing 2 accounting firms to handle payroll. Then sold the company for a profit and stayed on as a contracted dentist.
  • Grew staff from 3 to 12 members, performing all talent management including hiring, training and performance reviews.

2015 – now

C.E.O. Manawings

  • Taught myself programming (C#, Python) to create a virtual reality fishing game that continues to generate USD$4500/month in sales. Oversaw development pipeline from idea to final product; reviewed code and artwork.
  • Hired, trained, and manage 4 overseas freelancers, 2 local artists and 3 in-house developers who have developed 6 applications. Mana Wings now has 500,000+ customers and annual revenue growth of 3%.
  • Acquired Off-peak Studios to obtain its intellectual property and development team. Negotiated contracts for additional revenue streams with virtual reality cafes in Canada, Australia and the United States.

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